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Bike Sheds

July 7 : door hung, more painting; just need to finish mounting hanging racks

June 5 update
Many thanks to my nephew, Andrew, who helped me finish framing out the east gable on June 2.

Thanks to Randy, Abraham, Lee, and Norma, who helped put up more siding this weekend.
We are very close to finishing the siding.
Marywinne and Fred are leading the painting, so check in with them if you can help with painting.
Randy is taking the lead on hanging the door, hooray!


May 7 update:
Thanks to John L. for framing and putting up flashing for the window!
Marywinne has primed the window frame, so we will soon install the window.
She and Fred have primed much of the siding and corner boards, more to do.
Ray, Donell, Maureen, Becky, Marywinne, Peg and Fred put up more siding today.

Next bike shed weekend work day is scheduled for June 19, 9am.
Sign up at Common House or just show up.

Thanks to Art and Kelly and Ashley for roofing our sheds!

Next steps: 

Contact Becky for guidance in these tasks that can be done as you have time....
clear out the sweetgum logs and branches (cut and move to roadside for pickup or to your house for firewood)
patrol the site for nails
cut to fit and nail up remaining big poplar planks as supports for hanging bike racks

Marywinne is our painting leader, so please ask her for guidance in painting, brush cleaning, and storing the paint so that we can open the cans again.

The bike racks have arrived.

Many thanks to Giles, Ray, Donell, John L, John M, Lee, Kody, David , Jeff C, Jeff K, Abraham, Anita, Larry, Will, Dirk, Josh, Maureen, Norma, Peg, Fred, and Marywinne.

Saturday, March 19 and Sunday March 20 we raised up the roof rafters!

We set the posts and attach the rim boards:

Set tthe bike shed posts and rim beams

Raise the Bike Sheds rafters!

Please signup at the Common House to help 
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