Arcadia Internet Service

Arcadia's Internet infrastructure is now managed in-house by the Admin Workgroup.  

Before contacting Admin Workgroup, you need to gather the following information:
   1. Can you connect to Blast, Blast2, Blast3 ?  ie. does your computer show a connection to any of these?
   2. Once connected [to one of the Blasts] what is your issue?  No internet, slow internet, intermittent internet.
   3. Please test your speed by going to and record the upload and download speeds (if you have service).

IF you are having connectivity problems with Blast, Blast2, Blast3:
Email (this listserve goes out to current and some former members of the Admin WG) 
Let us know:  1) which Blast, 2) which issue and 3) any speed test info you have.

Paradox: if you are having issues with Arcadia's Internet Service, you probably can't read these instructions.
Solution: Go to the Common House and use the public WiFi that is available there...