Calendar & Time Zones

Hi All, 

This has been an ongoing issue that has been quite vexing to say the least.

Problem:  Events listed on the Arcadia Calendar show the WRONG TIME!!!

background: you've entered a new event, you've selected the start and end time, you check to see how it displays and the time is wrong...  I know this is crazy but even if you selected Eastern Time for your event, if your DEFAULT time zone is set to GMT 0:00 the event ends up with the wrong time on the web page... this is a Google issue.

One Solution:  check and change the DEFAULT time zone for your account to Eastern Time.  Mine defaulted to GMT 0:00 so everything was off by 5 hours (because Eastern time is GMT -5:00).

How to do this:  

log in to the Arcadia website, open the calendar, 
open an event by clicking on it, now click on "more details" in the lower left corner of the "pop up window,"
the details for this calendar event should now be open, you need to be here to change your Calendar Settings!
now click on the thing that looks like a "gear" in the upper right corner of your window (immediately to the right of your, 
click on "calendar settings" and look for your Current Time Zone...(third item down) and set it for Eastern Time.